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Beauty and (or) The Beast

After a number of recent press releases and articles making the headlines, it appears that even with the concerted efforts of the UK’s many pest control operators, Rats are still on the increase.

Rats are now found in every large city in the world. These rodents are feared by many,and loved, as pets, by others; a real life beauty and the beast of the animal kingdom.

Typically there are two species of rat found in the UK: the black rat (also known as the ship rat, due to it introducing the flea responsible for the outbreak of the Great Plague in 1665); and the larger, more common brown rat but neither is native, the later originating from Norway.

The UK population of brown rats is now estimated at 15 million and still rising, But despite the previously mentioned efforts of pest control operatives like ourselves, they just keep growing in numbers.

The bad side of the rat and its reputation, are that globally it is (again) estimated that they consume or destroy over 20% of the worlds food supply each year. When we say destroy (as opposed to consume), rats contunaly urinate as they are partially incontinent. This means that they contaminate all surfaces, equipment or food they come into contact with. Add to this, their urine and droppings carry bacteria injurious to humans, amongst the most common is Salmonella.
Even given the bad reputation, toilet habits and filthy areas they inhabit, they actually spend around 20-25% of the waken time grooming and cleaning themselves (this is also estimated at around the same time as most ladies…..)


They also live happily alongside man, and this is where the problem lies. Most pests are only classed as pests when the come into contact with our home or place of work. We have all heard the old chestnut “you are never more than ten foot away from a rat”. This may be quite true, but is mainly due to the fact they happily inhabit our sewer network, which in most cases, is “ten-foot” below us….

The good side of the Rat is that he is part of our food-chain, Foxes, Stoats and many birds of prey rely on the rat as a vital part of their food supply. In a roundabout way they also help with street cleansing. The UK’s “growing” takeaway culture means that there is always an abundance of food discarded on streets after pubs and clubs close in the early hours. As Rats are nocturnal, they take advantage of the time between closing time and street cleansers starting work to feast on part-eaten pizzas, kebabs and burgers. Added to this we are a nation of bird lovers and provide the wild birds with food throughout the year. The millions of bird feeders we happily fill also help rats (and mice) get through the tough winter months (my wife is also guilty of this cardinal sin… and i have personally been face to face with a mouse sat in our bird feeder)


So despite the best efforts of pest controllers, the abundance of other food sources mean that rats will always have an alternative to rodenticides laid to effect control. Fly tipping and derelict buildings also offer perfect foraging, breeding and nesting sites. Even the changing climate and seasons mean that we don’t seem to have a “natural” winter cull as sub-zero temperatures that may once have removed some of the younger or infirm rats and slowed down breeding, don’t last for more than a couple of nights.

Hence the need for on-going pest management and control offered by Pest Solutions of Shorrock Trichem

We specialise in bespoke packages tailored to suit your business needs, whether you be a butcher, a baker or nuclear scientist. We also carry out rodent proofing, remove infested / pest contaminated waste and carry out disinfection.

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