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Bees – White Tailed Bumblebees (to be precise)

We have been receiving a hell of a lot of calls for the above named rascal(s). People have been referring to them as wasps, honey bees and hornets!!

The White-tailed Bumblebee is a very common bumblebee which emerges early in the spring and can be seen feeding on flowers right through to the autumn. It can be found in gardens, farmland, woodland edges, hedgerows and heathland: anywhere there are flowers to feed on. As with other social insects, the queen emerges from hibernation in spring and starts the colony by laying a few eggs that hatch as workers; these workers tend the young and nest. Males emerge later and mate with new females who are prospective queens. Both the males and old queen die in the autumn, but the new queens hibernate.
Bumblebees are a vitally important for pollinating hundreds of plant species, including many crops. But they are under threat from loss of habitat and the increasing use of pesticides and herbicides. Here at PSUK we recognise the importance of healthy habitats to support all kinds of wildlife so promote wildlife-friendly practices. You can help too: encourage bees into your garden by providing nectar-rich flower borders and fruit trees.
All UK Bees are harmless unless you try to interfere with their nests, at which point they will become defensive and may sting you. We will not treat any Bees nest unless there is a real risk to Health and Safety which is identified by our Surveyors or Technicians.  

One of our Technicians (Thanks Alan Jackson!!) has recently managed to take some amazing photos of these Bees and look how close he got without getting stung!!









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