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Garden Ants are Back

Garden Ants (Lasius Niger sp) or the common black ant you see in your gardens and on driveways, are harmless insects when in their own environment. Unfortunately, they don’t stay in the natural environment and humans have a habit of building in other creatures’ natural domains and habitat. As such many thousands of people in […]

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Five Tips To Prevent Rodent Infestation

With constant, ongoing development and regeneration of old building’s around today’s modern towns and cities, there is a natural increase in rodent and other pest displacement from their natural habitat.  Unfortunately from the perspective of rats and mice, this has the opposite effect as they will actual thrive in modern environments. Some people frown when […]

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Beauty and (or) The Beast

After a number of recent press releases and articles making the headlines, it appears that even with the concerted efforts of the UK’s many pest control operators, Rats are still on the increase. Rats are now found in every large city in the world. These rodents are feared by many,and loved, as pets, by others; […]

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Kitchen Grease Extract System Cleaning – The Tegras Way

As part of the Shorrock Trichem group of companies based in Atherton, Manchester. Pest Solutions UK have operated to a high standard within the pest control industry protecting over a thousand clients. Working with close relationships to Hygiene, cleaning and kitchen staff it became a natural progression to add Grease Extract System cleaning to our […]

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Wasps, their Nests and Treatment

Not many people like wasps. In fact id go as far as to say that most people have a deep seated fear of them. In fact id go even further and say that my beloved wife would climb out of our car at 70mph if one flew in!! Anyway either love them (really) or hate them; they’re here to […]

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Green Fly (Aphid)

Green Fly the tiny flies that tickle your arms and legs when you’re relaxing in the back garden. Whilst most gardeners (especially if you have roses or lettuces) consider them a pest, in the Pest Controllers world it something we rarely if ever deal with.

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Bees – White Tailed Bumblebees (to be precise)

We have been receiving a hell of a lot of calls for the above named rascal(s). People have been referring to them as wasps, honey bees and hornets!!

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Why Your Business Needs Pest Control

We have all seen and read the horror stories of restaurants being closed through poor hygiene and pest infestations, indeed there are some great examples here. However after reading these stories, what harm can “Pests” really cause to us and our businesses? Read on for some interesting facts…..

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Concrete Munching Rat Terrorises Swedish Family

This story came from the Daily Mail and was originally published by author Sara Malm on the 26th March.

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Filthy Shop Fined £6000!

Here’s an article we found in the Daily Mail Recently and thought we would share it to highlight the need for professional pest control to protect your business – or rather what can happen if you don’t have it!! John Hall reported the following Raw chicken covered in flies and mouse droppings on the floor: […]

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