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What are causing these bites?

There has been a lot of media coverage over recent years with the increase of Bed Bug infestation. This as lead to our staff here at Pest Solutions UK dealing with more and more enquiries for biting insects, most of which turn out (thankfully for the customer) not to be bed bugs, but one of […]

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Mice Eat Flesh!! – Yes Its True

A 23 year old Chinese woman is to receive corrective surgery following an horrific attack by flesh eating mice when she was a baby. Zhu Sanni from the Qingdao, Shandong Provence was left alone alone for three days by her mentally ill father, when the hungry mice decided she was fair game and chewed off […]

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Cockroach Crawls Into a Sleeping Mans Ear!!

This sounds like a nightmare or even a script from a Stephen King horror film, but this is totally true. Mr Hendrik Helmer a resident of Darwin, Australia, was woken at 2.30AM one morning with an excruciating pain in his ear. Feeling a slight and uneasy movement inside his ear he thought it may be […]

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Cannibal Rats Overrun a Ship – Heading to UK

We came across this recent post in Pest Magazine and thought it would be good to share. The thought of disease infested rats turning to cannibalism after being left on an abandoned cruise liner floating in the north Atlantic, and due to beach on a west country UK shore, has got the press into something […]

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What Are Cluster Flies

Its a mild Autumn afternoon and your sat enjoying a pint of your favorite tipple whilst basking in the last of the watery sunshine. You gaze up at the old white walled pub and see what look like a swarm of Blue-Bottles also sun bathing, but no, you’ve been fooled. They are not Blue-Bottles, they […]

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Buzzard Poisoned in Devon – Police Seek Help

It may not be a local issue, but it certainly is an important one, hence Pest Solutions UK publishing the article to promote the situation and help the Police. Police are investigating the poisoning of two buzzards in the Chittlehampton area of North Devon. Although the birds were found in April, subsequent forensic testing has […]

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The “Plague” found to be carried by Squirrels

Story courtesy of Pestnewsdesk 30/07/13 A Squirrel infested by the Plague (or Black Death) has been found in a park near Los Angeles, prompting US officials to close three campsites. The diseased animal – a ground squirrel – was trapped in the Angeles National Forest during routine surveillance by the US Forestry Service. It has […]

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The Difference Between Wasps and Bees Nests

Its not often, if ever, that you would get the chance to look inside an active and developing wasps nest. The chances of seeing a Bumble Bees nest is even less likely. Fortunately are tuned in Service Staff have managed to provide us with two great images that allow you to view both of these. […]

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Interesting Facts About Ants

Its early Spring and your sat in your conservatory. Basking in the watery sunshine that pours through your double glazed windows. Then from the corner of your eye you see a couple of small dark crawling insects……They’re back, again! Garden Ants. No matter how well you seal the building and how new and well sealed […]

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Rat Attacks Sleeping Girl

Another animal attacks child story in the news. This time a seven year old was by a foot long rat. Luckily the family pet dog came to the rescue and sniffed out / despatched the invading rodent. Sleeping girl, 7, is bitten on the face by foot-long RAT which climbed on to her bed: Francesca […]

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