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Cockroach Crawls Into a Sleeping Mans Ear!!

This sounds like a nightmare or even a script from a Stephen King horror film, but this is totally true.
Mr Hendrik Helmer a resident of Darwin, Australia, was woken at 2.30AM one morning with an excruciating pain in his ear. Feeling a slight and uneasy movement inside his ear he thought it may be something live and tried to use a vacuum cleaner to suck the invader out.

This had a terrible effect as the invading beast seemed to become antagonized by the suction and Mr Helmers pain intensified. He began to panic as he realised that it may be an insect or something even more sinister like a venomous spider renown in this part of the world. With this in mind he headed for the local hospital.

Once in the examination ward the Doctor proceeded to pour warm Olive into his ear in the hope of driving the alien bodycockroach
out, this again had a detrimental effect as the insect got frisky and burrowed even deeper into Mr Helmers ear canal! In one final attempt to avoid invasive surgery, the Doctor used forceps and plunged them into Mr Helmers ear, were thankfully he
removed a 2cm long cockroach!! Whilst Mr Helmer recovered from this harrowing incident, he did have some pride intact as the Doctor said it was the largest insect they had records of removing from a persons ear!! – I’m sure this fact made the whole experience for Mr Helmer a worthwhile one!!

At Pest Solutions UK we have not yet had the “pleasure” of speaking with anyone who has experienced anything like the horror that Mr Helmer did. We do however come into contact with and treat Cockroach infestations on a daily basis. If you are having problems with cockroaches, or any other pest for that matter give us a call 01942 872173 or email us here. Our experienced team are waiting to help.

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