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Concrete Munching Rat Terrorises Swedish Family

This story came from the Daily Mail and was originally published by author Sara Malm on the 26th March.

The story unfolds that The Bengtsson-Korsås family of  Solna North West Stockholm, believed they had a small mouse problem. This underestimation was confirmed when the family pet Enok the cat, downed tools and refused to enter the kitchen!!

It proved to be a wise decision by Enok, as he may have nine lives, but if he had come face to face with the monster that lay in hiding, he may have lost the lot!

The giant Viking proportion rat measured in at a whopping 15 inch from nose to tail when eventually caught. It had entered the flat by gnawing a tunnel between concrete and timber a timber panel (rather like the brave men in the Great Escape). The family eventually caught a fleeting glimpse of the critter and this was enough to prompt them to call the local pest control company. The operative came and lay traps to take care of the situation. These were not your standard traps either, from the descriptions given by the family, the pest control officer decided to use his super-sized traps to ensure a swift and efficient result. After a day of relative peace within the household, the silence was broken when a load clacking sound was heard followed by a slight squeal. Anticipation gripped the Engtsson-Korsas family as they galloped into the kitchen, only to be left disappointed as they trap and the critter were nowhere to be seen!!!


The rat was eventually tracked down meters away from where it was initially snared, and had finally succumbed to the trap. Further inspection revealed that Viking Rat had set up home in the warm and undisturbed area behind the dishwasher. It was also noted that he had chewed through water pipes, that if they had not been discovered, could have lead to extremely costly water damage.

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