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Garden Ants are Back

Garden Ants (Lasius Niger sp) or the common black ant you see in your gardens and on driveways, are harmless insects when in their own environment. Unfortunately, they don’t stay in the natural environment and humans have a habit of building in other creatures’ natural domains and habitat.

As such many thousands of people in the UK (maybe millions around the world) suffer with seasonal problems with Garden Ant infestations

  • Ants on worktops and inside kitchen cupboards infesting stored food.
  • Piles of excavated soil and dirt around skirting boards and plinths.
    Swarming winged flying ants flying around their house and invading their personal space in their thousands.
  • Unfortunately, an established Garden Ants nest can be as deep as 8-feet below ground level, they will also nest inside wall cavities and below stone / block paving. This means we cannot always successfully get to where the breeding is taking place and why some nests are so hard to control. This is also why we offer control packages and programmes of work to help keep instances of infestation to a minimum.

Lasius Niger Garden Ant Black Ant Insect Jaws

Off The Shelf Ant Products May Not Be Helping

People also make the mistake of placing ant control products on the outside of the property, which may help in some instances, but more often leads to the insects invading the internal space.

Insecticides not only kill off Garden Ants but are a “chemical deterrent” to them. This is because they can sense a chemical change in their environment, but this can be used to our advantage….

If you have a draft blowing in under your door or around your window, you would use a draft excluder to seal it.

  • If you suffer from garden ants annually and could install a “chemical barrier” to stop this ingress, surely it would be a better idea?
  • Why wait until the ants are in and start the annual battle in trying to control them?

Prevent Ant Infestation Early

Each year between January and March drone ants will leave the nests and scout for food sources. They leave a trail of a pheromone, which they follow back to the nest when a food source is located, this trail is then used by fellow ants who also transport the food back to the nests. This trail of home-finding Pheromone gets stronger as more ants deposit it, and as such the stage is set for another year of Ant domination!

By applying a barrier of insecticide in the months prior to the drone ants appearance (January / February), you can reduce and in some cases prevent the insects from coming into your house from the affected and established nesting site sin your property or business.

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