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Green Fly (Aphid)

Green Fly the tiny flies that tickle your arms and legs when you’re relaxing in the back garden. Whilst most gardeners (especially if you have roses or lettuces) consider them a pest, in the Pest Controllers world it something we rarely if ever deal with.

Aphids are around 2.5mm long. The most common colors are green and black, though brown, reddish-brown, and gray aphids inhabit some parts of the country. They have two long, torpedo shaped appendages on the tail end of their abdomen.

Aphid -


Life Cycle:

Aphids “overwinter” eggs  attached to plants, these then hatch into nymphs in the spring. These nymphs produce eggs asexually, and produce more nymphs, who grow to maturity in one week. In Autumn, nymphs will lay eggs that contain some male aphids, these male Aphids will mate with the nymphs to produce the eggs that will again “overwinter” and start the next generation of Green Fly. Adult Green Fly can lay up to six eggs per day.

Signs of Aphid Infestation:

Aphids suck the sap out of tender plant shoots and leaves. They suck the sap in through their beak-like mouths, while injecting leaves with their saliva, and this is what causes damage to the plants. Drinking the sap can weaken the plant, and injecting their saliva can spread diseases from plant to plant. In addition, aphids excrete a sticky, clear substance called “honey dew” which commonly develops sooty mold. Sooty mold is unsightly and interferes with the plant’s ability to photosynthesize.

Pesticide Free Control of Green Fly:

Sometimes, a strong blast of water from the hose will knock the Green Fly off plants and solve the problem. If you attract or purchase certain beneficials, such as lady bugs, lacewings, parasitic wasps, or damsel bugs, they will attack the aphids. Plants can also be sprayed with homemade tomato leaf or garlic spray to kill and act as a deterrent against Green Fly.

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