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How to Control Ants

We called the article “How To Control Ants” rather than “How to get rid of ants” for a reason.

To “control” any ant problem, you first need to understand the complex nature of this insect. Ants are from the order of insects called Hymenoptera. Hymenoptera is derived from the Greek words”hymen” meaning membrane and “ptera” meaning wings. Other members of this group of insects are Wasps and Bees. All of these insects live in large and well organised colonies.

Ants are social insects with very strict hierarchies. The queen, of which there is normally only one per colony, is responsible for breeding and populating the colony, and she is the only one who can do that.


The first problem is that the queen never leaves the nest. The next problem is that established nests can be up to six-seven foot deep in the soil, they can also be in wall-cavities and behind fire places. The later being a very difficult place to access to treat. These are the two reasons why ants can be very difficult to clear, this is also the reason we didnt call the article “How to clear Ants!”

There are many gadgets and products out there in the market place that claim to be effective in stopping pests entering or taking the insecticide back to the nest. The truth is that not all of these products work!

To look at (first) controlling and (secondly) clearing an ant infestation, you must understand that where you see the ants is often not where they are nesting or breeding.

Insecticides sprinkled, sprayed or scattered where you seen ants can often have an adverse effect. Thry can drive the ants into different areas and even make an external infestation turn into an internal infestation (this is one of the most common problems we at Pest Solutions encounter with householders).
If you have had ants recurring of a number of summers, the chances are that you have an establihed nesting site that is causing the problem.

If you remember where you had the problem in previous years (normally a south or west facing side of the building), you can preempt internal problems by applying insecticide to the internal areas and wall floor junctions of the affected area. Basically all insecticides not only kill ants, but can also act as a deterrent, a chemical barrier if you will.

At Pest Solutions we have over twenty-five years experience in dealing with ants in almost every situation. We have up to date products and techniques that can help even the most severe and long standing infestations.

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The earlier you treat the problem the more chance you have of stopping swarming in late summer!

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