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Kitchen Grease Extract System Cleaning – The Tegras Way

As part of the Shorrock Trichem group of companies based in Atherton, Manchester. Pest Solutions UK have operated to a high standard within the pest control industry protecting over a thousand clients. Working with close relationships to Hygiene, cleaning and kitchen staff it became a natural progression to add Grease Extract System cleaning to our range of services. We can now offer full system cleaning from Canopy to Discharge using our new Tegras Robot Cleaning Machine and Ifoam system. This allows us to reach even the most restricted of areas with its 30m reach and brush attachments.

 Ifoam machine in action 

Tegras robot cleaning system


Our team of Technicians are experienced within the industry and qualified via the UK National Duct Cleaning Academy. It is important to have your Kitchen grease extract system inspected and cleaned at least once per annum. This is both part of fire safety and to conform with your company insurance requirements.


Kitchen canopy cleaning Manchester



London Fire Brigade sources report that there is a kitchen extract ductwork fire on average every 9 days in Greater London alone, think of the numbers if taken from a national level!

In many cases Insurers will not always pay a claim if the duct system was found to be the primary cause of the fire, especially if it can not be properly demonstrated that the system was cleaned in accordance with their policy conditions or warranties. Grease extraction duct work if not kept clean poses a Substantial Fire Risk. Grease is a potential fuel for a fire to spread throughout an extract system and into other areas of the building.

Kitchen Extract Cleaning : The Regulatory (Fire Safety) Order 2005

We offer a free of charge system survey followed by a detailed report, which can include  recommendations on cleaning, schedules and quotations.

  • System descriptions
  • Pre and Post images
  • Schematic system drawings
  • CCTV –  Closed-circuit television
  • Post clean report
  • Certification of clean

All work is carried out to TR19 specifications (Link) For more information or to arrange a free survey please contact our office on 01942 872137 or email us here Existing customers of the Shorrock Trichem Group will be entitled to standard group discounts   Enjoy this read? Check out this article on wasps and wasps nests

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