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Mice Eat Flesh!! – Yes Its True

A 23 year old Chinese woman is to receive corrective surgery following an horrific attack by flesh eating mice when she was a baby.

Zhu Sanni from the Qingdao, Shandong Provence was left alone alone for three days by her mentally ill father, when the hungry mice decided she was fair game and chewed off her nose and upper lip!!

Sanni was often left alone for days at a time as her poverty stricken parents searched for food to feed the family. One day they returned home to find their child covered in blood and the horrific injuries inflicted by the flesh eating mice.
Her parents were so poor that they couldn’t afford hospital treatment so bathed and washed the wounds themselves. Recently Qingdao Boshi Hospital has offered to provide free surgeries for Sanni. Director Wu Yuhua from the medical affairs office of the hospital said they will build Sanni an artificial nose and lip, but the surgeries may take up to two years.

This is not the first incident where mice have been seen to become carnivores. In 2009 an 89 year old Australian care Rodent teethhome resident had his ears gnawed off by ferocious mice.

Rodents teeth and very sharp and very tough, so tough they can easily gnaw through some metals, so you can image the damage they can do to human flesh.

Thankfully things like this very rarely occur in the UK, though last years instances with Foxes proves just how close we are to nature and that we should never underestimate any pest.

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