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The Difference Between Wasps and Bees Nests

Its not often, if ever, that you would get the chance to look inside an active and developing wasps nest. The chances of seeing a Bumble Bees nest is even less likely.

Fortunately are tuned in Service Staff have managed to provide us with two great images that allow you to view both of these.

The first image is that of the inside of common wasps nest. If you look just to left / below center you will see the original start point of the nest when building commenced by the Queen in Springtime.

Wasps Nest - Wigan

The creamy-yellow coloured things are Larvae (maggots or grubs). These are what comes out of an egg and feeds and grow until they are ready to enter the third stage of metamorphosis and become a Pupae.

The Pupal stage of the insect is are the white blobs that you can see within the honeycomb around the center and toward the outer are of the nest. If you look very closely you can see the antennae of a newly hatching adult wasp protruding from the pupae (just to the left of center).

Our second image is that of a common Bumble Bees nest. We would never do anything to harm or treat a bees nest unless there was a direct risk to health and safety. This nest was stuck inside a wooden pallet that a fork lift truck dislodged at one of our customers.

Bees Nest - Bolton

The nest was moved to a sheltered area on the clients site to allow the remaining insects to hopefully hatch out.

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