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Wasps, their Nests and Treatment

Not many people like wasps. In fact id go as far as to say that most people have a deep seated fear of them. In fact id go even further and say that my beloved wife would climb out of our car at 70mph if one flew in!!

Anyway either love them (really) or hate them; they’re here to stay. As we plod through to the back end of summer and make our way into Autumn, these stripey pests put on their worst behavior. Fueled by fermenting and ripening fruits and berries, the drunken insects gang up on people dining and drinking outside of pubs, restaurants and cafes. The only people that seem to take pleasure from their presence, are those nasty kids, who catch them in upturned glasses and leave them for the waiters!! (Mwah ha ha ha)

Wasps are very adaptable at where they will make their nests. From Bird Boxes in Bolton to attics in Atherton!



They will  even use trees, bushes and soft earth in banking’s to mine out intricate subterranean nests. Over the summer we have come across a number of interesting nests (including the one above). The following links show some of the ones we have successfully treated:-

This video was taken in Bolton when a gardener reported being chased down the garden by angry wasps (carry-on style) after staring to trim the bush. This was treated by a one of Pest Solutions Technicians. He also took the time to remove the nest from the bush and this allowed him to film the intricate internal make-up of it. This is shown in the next video:-

The next video shows wasps entering a nest entrance beneath some lead flashing above a kitchen extension. The wasps had started to enter the bedroom above, so the resident wanted rid of the problem ASAP:-

Our service Technicians applied dust at high pressure to the best entrance, which resulted in the following scene:-

Direct treatment of a wasps nest nest is not always an option when wasps are a nuisance in external areas, like school playgrounds, nurseries, beer gardens and bin areas. Pest Solutions UK have other alternatives to control foraging wasps. We have a number of tried and tested traps that entice wasps away from the affected areas and into the no-escape zones.

PSUK Waspbane


PSUK Wasp Trap

If you are having problems with wasps, whether in your home or place of work. contact us by email here of call us on 01942 872137 we are waiting to help.

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