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We have all seen and read the horror stories of restaurants being closed through poor hygiene and pest infestations, indeed there are some great examples here. However after reading these stories, what harm can “Pests” really cause to us and our businesses? Read on for some interesting facts…..

We’ve compiled some general information on the most common pests that we deal with in pest control on a day to day basis, but more importantly the pests that tend to affect businesses. So, in no particular order are our Usual Suspects!!


Rats and mice are very clever and very agile. In our twenty-five years working in pest control we have witnessed mice wriggling down plug holes, running (yes running) up cellar walls and rats literally diving through the smallest of gaps to escape humans. The actual facts are that mice can get through hoes as small as 6mm, rats as small as 12mm – (or just under 1 inch for old money). This is how they enter your homes and businesses. Gaps under doors, weep holes in walls at floor level, gaps around cable and pipe-entry points are all open doorways to foraging rodents. The video below shows the agility and typical persistence of rodents.

Now we have seen how they get in, what are the risks of a rodent infestation? From an employers point of view, bacteria carried by rodents can cause diseases harmful to humans. These include, Salmonella, Murine Typhus, Tularemia, Weils Disease and Bubonic Plague. Under the Health and Safety at 1974 – employers are required to provide a “safe and healthy working environment” for their employees. Untreated rodent infestations would be seen as breaching this act. Rodents are incontinent and so contaminate all surfaces and equipment they into contact with, with their urine and droppings (of which mice will deposit up-to sixty a day!!).

Added to the disease risk is that of the damage rodents can cause. Rodents incisor teeth grow continually throughout their lives. This means they have to continually gnaw and chew at things to wear them down. A fine example of a story where rats have chewed through concrete can be seen here


Two of the most common cockroaches we encounter in the UK are the Oriental (or common) cockroach and the German Cockroach. Whilst both can adapt and live in conditions found in the UK the common cockroach is the most adaptable and can move from premise to premise even in cold conditions. Infestations to businesses and homes are often initiated by the insects being “imported”. This is usually in food, packaging or other goods transported into a building. The other common way of activity occurring is from adjoining  infested premises.

Cockroaches are so successful in breeding due to the manner in which they lay there eggs (oothecas) and the time span between laying and hatching time.

The Oothecas can contain up to forty live young (nymphs), that disperse intoPest Control Bolton cracks and crevices when the egg case hatches. The egg case of a German Cockroach is a tiny brown, purse shaped capsule about 8mm long and 3mm wide.

 The two common Cockroaches mentioned are also vectors of diseases injurious to man. Due to the unsanitory conditions they inhabit they are known to carry pathogenic organisms that can cause Salmonella, dysentery, hepatitis, tuberculosis, typhoid and cholera.


Garden Ants are a very common pest and are classed as such due to the nuisance aspect more than any other reason. Like any pest, you don’t want to find them on or near food or food preparation surfaces. For more detailed information on this pest please read our article Interesting Facts about Ants.

Pest Solutions UK offer both riddance treatments and bespoke contract services to businesses and households alike. The above information is just a snapshot of some of the pests and problems we encounter on a daily basis, there are many other pests that can affect homes and your business.

Protecting your business, staff and and its reputation is important. We have over thirty years experience in doing just this for over a thousand regular customers. If you have pest problems or would like to speak to one of our team regarding our pest control services or Pest Repel System give us a call 01942 872137 alternatively email here 



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